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Feedback about the 'Archived' series, from a relatively 'new' member Helen Carter, Foundation staff at Communications:

"Hi Adriana, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your 'archive' pieces on Findhorn faces from the past in recent weeks in the "Rainbow Bridge"; I've found them absolutely fascinating! thanks and love from xx Helen"

Beach Findhorn

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Photography, graphic design & stationery

Photographs in commission or delivered from the large photo archive of three decades black-and-white and colour photography of Adriana Sjan Bijman. Specialised in nature, flowers,ecology, landscapes and com-munity life at the Findhorn Foundation Community, people as well as organic farming and garde-ning. Adriana Sjan Bijman's beautiful photographs have been used on record/CD/DVD covers, posters, leaflets, websites and magazines all over Europe. Have a look at her portfolio.

51 years 'Findhorn'

Every 17th November the Findhorn Foundation Community celebrates its annual Birthday (since 1962). A gratitude to all people who lived here, worked here and added to what "Findhorn' is now. The heritage of the founders, Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean is rich and alive in a wide variety of colours and shapes. See and read more of the Findhorn Foundation, its history and its celebrations at www.findhorn.org.


The Findhorn Birthday Book 'Spirit of the Future', with 50 years of the FIndhorn Foundation Community, its past, present and future. For sale directly from its online shop and website.

Or have a look at the little movie, made at the 51st birthday about the book and with new footage about hte Universal Hall architect, George Ripley. http://youtu.be/MBFk1D84pvc

Universal Hall Findhorn

The stained glass open doors of the Universall Hall at The Park Findhorn.

Congratulations to Cullerne Gardens thirty five years in the Foundation

Thank you all gardeners, thank you garden.

flowers Anthemis

One Community

One world

ex-members Findhorn archives
Archived! "Why is that bungalow called Joanie?"

A series about accommodation and ex-members.

'Archived 'is a project using old photos from the archive, with accommodation named after ex-members of the Findhorn Foundation Community. Names we know so well here at Findorn; sometimes just because there has been a bungalow or caravan named after them.The names might be familiar to people who were at "Findhorn" in the past decades. Adriana interviews people who are now living in the Findhorn Foundation community and who knew them and share some of their memories. These stories have also been published in the "Rainbow Bridge", the internal weekly magazine of the Findhorn Foundation Community. Until now we showed Treya,Ross-Stewart. Evelyn Sanford, Muriel MacVicar, Elfrede Coy, Peter Caddy and Joanie Hartnell-Beevis as seen by George Ripley, Roger Doudna, Richard Coates, Liza Hollinghead and Judi Buttner. Dive back in our history.....

Terry Killam

Treya Killam Wilber


Ross-Stewart Findhorn archives

Evelyn Sanford

Evelyn Sanford Findhorn

Joanie Hartnell-Beavis

Joanie  Hartnell-Beavis Findhorn

Elfrede Coy

Elfrede Coy Findhorn archives

Muriel McVicar

Muriel mcVicar Findhorn archives

Peter Caddy

Peter Caddy Findhorn archives

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